Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure the safety of your business and the products you have to offer to Louisianans and customers outside of our wonderful state. A variety of laws, regulations, organizations, and programs on the federal- and state-level certify the highest possible quality as well as safety standards your customers can expect and depend on. However, not all regulations affect every producer therefore making specific certifications and programs more interesting than others. Often, it all comes down to what kind of product is being sold and if it is consumed raw, how much of it is being sold and how much profit this generates for your business, and also where your product is being sold, for example, to friends, at the local farmers’ markets, or to schools. For additional resources and contact information or to learn more about the variety of laws, regulations, and standards as well as food safety certifications available to you and your business please consider watching the Practical Farm Certifications Food Safety Training produced by Louisiana SARE on the SARE Farm Certifications page.