History: 6 Things You May Not Know About Pumpkins

In two minutes, this video engagingly delivers a host of facts about pumpkins. Students will learn that each pumpkin has about 500 seeds, pumpkins originated in Central America, 19th century New Englanders thought that pumpkins could cure snake bites, and much more.

The Beef Checkoff: Phenomena Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to offer ideas of anchor phenomena that could be used to create a coherent sequence of science lessons when working to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards into the classroom. Ideas in this toolkit could also serve as phenomena for transfer tasks.

The Beef Checkoff: All About the Beef

The All About Beef App offers versions of “The Steaks are High” and “Grocery Grab” in one app. In addition to teaching nutrition and environmental facts, the apps also feature kid-friendly beef recipes