U.S Rice in the Classroom Workbook

Developed by USA Rice and Chartwells for National Nutrition Month, this fun-filled workbook will get your students excited about healthy foods, including U.S.-grown rice. The book is perfect for 4th to 6th graders and includes educational puzzles, games and surprising facts that explain the history and science of rice, farming and nutrition. Recipes and kid-friendly … Continued

TinkerLab: Make Colored Rice

Make your own colored rice for an afternoon of sensory play or for filling clear jars with layers of rainbow rice  

Think Rice Coloring Book

Appropriate for ages 2 – 6, this coloring activity tells the farm-to-table story of U.S.-grown rice. Kids are able to color different scenes from the rice farm and learn about the lifecycle of rice by season. They also learn where rice is grown and how rice makes its way table where they can color in … Continued

The Unbelievable History of Sweet Potatoes

Take a look at the history of sweet potatoes, from their earliest origins, to the oceans they traversed in pre-history, to their spread to the plates of the upper classes of Europe, all the way to the modern day