North Carolina Sweet Potatoes: Food Labeling

This lesson will use sweet potatoes to explore such labeling options as conventional, organic, GMO, and gluten-free Student Food Labeling and Sweet Potatoes Worksheet Student USDA Coexistence Fact Sheet Worksheet Teacher Sweet Potato Recipe Sheet Coexistence Biotech Farming Fact Sheet Coexistence Conventional Farming Fact Sheet Coexistence Organic Farming Fact Sheet Coexistence Overview Fact Sheet FDA … Continued

Louisiana Ag in the Classroom: How to Grow a Monster

Students read How to Grow a Monster, describe the needs of a zucchini plant, identify the structure and function of zucchini plant parts, grow classroom zucchini plants, and experiment with different environments and growing conditions

Ag in the Classroom: Beef Basics

Students explain the value of the beef cattle industry, including the products cattle produce, the production process from farm to plate, and how cattle can utilize and obtain energy from grass and other forage

Ag in the Classroom: The Remarkable Ruminant

In this lesson, students will follow the farm to fork process of producing beef, learn how cattle and other ruminants convert grass into nutrient-rich foods such as milk and meat, discover ways cattle recycle food waste, and identify careers in the beef cattle industry