Kids Gardening: Vegetable Carving

Carving vegetables is a great way to promote creativity, hone fine motor skills, and learn about global cultures. It can also be a fun way to get kids interested in trying out new foods, and to create festive decorations. Check out this fun activity and let your students explore different root vegetables through vegetable carving!

Kids Gardening: Decomposition Activity Pack

Learning about decomposition can be a great way to introduce kids to ecological processes, sustainable practices, and more! These three decomposition-themed activities are designed to jumpstart conversations and inspire curiosity and wonder for our natural world!

FoodMASTER: Vegetables

Students will explore food safety concepts by learning how to read thermometers and measuring temperatures, about bacteria that we carry on our hands, potential disease-causing bacteria that can grow on food, and the health benefits of proper food safety practices.   Teacher Edition Student Edition

FoodMASTER: Vegetables

Students will learn about the nutrition and science of cooking vegetables. In class, they will make a healthy snack, test acid and bases in vegetable cooking, and try out their scientific soup. At home, they can learn how to cook carrots and make Silly Chili.   Teacher Edition Student Edition

FoodMASTER: Measurement

Students will explore measurements and fractions by planning a potato plot. They will also observe how a potato grows and adjusts to its environment and record observations over a 4-week period.

FoodMASTER: Growing It

Students will learn about growing a garden, including the importance of the soil pH. They will test soil pH as well as grown spinach, observing changes over 5 weeks.

Ag in the Classroom: Wild Rice

Students explore the life cycle of wild rice, compare the steps of the traditional Native wild rice harvest with a cultivated wild rice harvest, and create their own wild rice bowls.

Kernels of Truth: Everybody Cooks Rice Cooperative Lesson

In this multi-day lesson, students will work together in groups to learn about the economic aspects of growing, harvesting, and consuming products, using themes from Norah Dooley’s Everybody Cooks Rice. Each student will be responsible for an individual choice assignment. This assignment will be selected from a given list of options. Students will be responsible … Continued

USA Rice Federation: Think Rice

Introduce your students to the All-American grain — rice! Students learn how rice growing has contributed to American history since colonial times, and how today’s U.S. rice growers not only help sustain wetland habitats but also help reduce carbon emissions by providing a close-to-home source of good nutrition. Includes a recipe-building activity to reinforce how … Continued