Gumbo Joy by Robert P. Dixon Jr. (2023)

A young girl learns of the cultural significance of the pot of gumbo she cooks with her father each Sunday.   It connects her with her culture, history, and heritage. As the aroma of gumbo fills the air, her father reminds her that “‘Gumbo is the smell of love.’” When family members arrive for the … Continued

Strega Nona and Her Tomatoes by Tomie dePaola (2017)

Strega Nona is excited! The tomatoes in her garden are ripe, and she picks enough to fill a basket. She wants to give twenty-four tomatoes to the convent, and counts them out on the kitchen table. She is in the middle of counting when Signora Goat starts to eat the laundry. While Strega Nona is … Continued

Alien Tomato by Kristen Schroeder (2020))

When a mysterious red orb appears one day, the vegetables aren’t sure what to make of it. They decide that it must be an alien tomato! They name her Allie and try to make her feel as welcome as possible. But Gopher isn’t convinced. He’s sure it’s just a ball. This delightfully silly tale and … Continued

Fruit Bowl by Mark Hoffmann (2018)

Who belongs in the fruit bowl? Apples, check. Blueberries, check. Tomato, che– Wait, what?! Tomato wants to join the other fruits, but does he belong? The perfect mix of botany and a bunch of bananas!

Tomatoes for Neela by Padma Lakshmi (2021)

Neela loves cooking with her amma and writing down the recipes in her notebook. It makes her feel closer to her paati who lives far away in India. On Saturdays, Neela and Amma go to the green market and today they are buying tomatoes to make Paati’s famous sauce. But first, Neela needs to learn … Continued

Butternut by Jill Dana (2022)

Fresh from the farm, Butternut awakes to find himself lost in a supermarket. Is he butter? Is he a nut? Is he squash or squashed? Just who is he and where does he belong? Join Butternut on his journey through the supermarket aisles as he makes new friends and discovers more about himself.

The Adventures of Jackson: Jackson’s Cucumbers by Amanda L Green (2022)

“The Adventures of Jackson” series are appropriate for  children of all ages but more suitable for elementary to early middle school children. Book #1, Jackson’s Cucumbers, is entertaining and relevant to today’s world of using the internet. This fun book teaches children how to problem solve and research for answers.

Pickles, Please!: A Dilly of a Book by Andy Myer (2011)

If you ask a kid what their favorite snack is, most will say pizza, cupcakes, or ice cream. But not Alec Smart—he loves pickles! None of his friends at school understand his taste for pickled treats, nor do his parents. However, one day, just when Alec is pondering how lonely it is to be the only … Continued

Anansi and the Talking Melon by Eric A. Kimmel (1994)

When Anansi the Spider gets stuck in a melon, he decides to pass his time by doing what he’s best at—tricking the other animals around him.   When his melon begins talking, Elephant is so impressed he decides to take it to show the king.  But Anansi can’t resist the opportunity to make jokes at … Continued