Clarence the Catfish finds a Friend by C.J. Glass (2020)

We all need a good friend to talk to and have fun with! In today’s world some children have trouble making friends. They may look or act differently from other children, in one way or another, causing them distress and lack of self-esteem.


Clarence the Catfish knows just how that feels. He is not your ordinary catfish and does not look like all the other fish. As a result, Clarence is teased and made fun of, causing him to be sad, lonely, and isolated. But Clarence does not give up! He uses his positive attitude and courage to keep searching for a forever friend that accepts him Just – The – Way – He – Is.


It’s a delightful story, teaching children some of life lessons that are especially important. So, come along and follow Clarence the Catfish through his tale and see how he teaches children to be kind and accepting of others; despite what they look like.