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Seeds start small. But do you know what happens when they have sunshine, water, and care? They grow into big, beautiful fruits and vegetables. Like seeds, people need care to grow big and strong. They need education, support, and resources. And that is exactly what Seeds to Success, the Louisiana Farm to School Program, provides.

Seeds to Success strives to enrich the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and preschools.

Every October, National Farm to School Month is celebrated in all 50 states. Join us and other schools and organizations across Louisiana in recognizing the importance of farm to school through activities, lesson plans, good local food, and fun! Are you looking for ways to get involved? Take the Farm to School Challenge!


Seeding LA

Dig in to discover how to grow popular fruits and vegetables in Louisiana, great growing tips, and corresponding classroom lessons and activities.

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Harvest of the Month

Our ready-to-go materials will help you promote local food in your classroom, cafeteria, and community. Get started with these practical guides, or download product materials!

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Purchasing Local

Explore all the ways to find fresh local food near you and how to connect with the right producers. Foster your community through seasonal eating.

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Join a growing movement. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN! Kids win, Farmers win, Communities win!

Schools participating in Harvest of the Month:
Schools participating in Seeding Louisiana:
Classrooms reporting increased student interest in eating a healthy diet:

“My students love Seeds to Success! Thank you for allowing my students to participate in this program. They have learned so much! They love sharing their knowledge with other students and adults.”

-M. Guillot, Concordia Parish Schools

“Thank you for this program - It brings meaning to the materials I teach my students.”

-D. Perry, Lincoln Parish Schools

Farm to school activities enhance classroom education through hands-on learning related to food, health, agriculture and nutrition.

  • Photo contest alert! Until October 31st, you can join us and submit photos representing one of the three themes listed below and be entered to win a prize! Finalists will be selected for each category and the winners will be voted on through our Facebook page. Submit your photos and show us your best, most engaging farm to school moments from the cafeteria, school garden, or classroom!
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