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Seeds start small. But do you know what happens when they have sunshine, water, and care? They grow into big, beautiful fruits and vegetables. Like seeds, people need care to grow big and strong. They need education, support, and resources. And that is exactly what Seeds to Success provides.


Start here for gardening basics! Information for growing seeds in different environments and seasons.

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Dig deeper! Individual growing guides for fruits and vegetables from seed to harvest.

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Lessons and fun activities for K-12 students that bring the growing process to life in the classroom and at home.

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You may recognize these fruits and vegetables. But do you know how they grow? Let’s learn so you can grow what you know!

“I encourage all Louisiana K-12 teachers to use these Seeds to Know lesson plans for fun and engaging ways to learn about and taste Louisiana fruits and vegetables. Each lesson clearly addresses Louisiana Student Standards so everything you teach will be solidly grounded.”

- Mary Legoria, science teacher in East Baton Rouge

Teachers, keep your students excited to learn about fruits and vegetables with these lesson plans.

Sending seeds and support to all areas of the state.

Let us help you connect to the people and tools you need.